A Journey of A Lifetime: BUPIMUN 2019

Ever wondered what it would feel like being one of the world’s supreme diplomats to solve real-world problems? To make your dreams come true, we welcome you to the most awaited event of the year, BUP International Model United Nations! Mark your dates in your calendar: September 12-14 to not miss the most awaited event of the year. While maintaining the simulation of the UN conferences, BUPIMUN 2019 is a brilliant platform for all those young and diplomatic minds to nurture themselves and flourish their inner leaders.

Ever since early 21st century, the glory of MUN conferences held a new introduction in the academic site of Bangladesh. MUN, standing for Model United Nations is a very prominent name in today’s world, famous among the peace-loving human and community development enthusiasts.  With the passage of time, MUN platforms have become an ever-increasing platform maintaining high admiration and practice.

A true diplomat practicing in a MUN must have many incredulous skills, from a range of diplomacy, analytical abilities, critical thinking, teamwork and many such. Henceforth, here in BUPIMUN, not only do all these skills get flourished, but also it holds a prominent position in the MUN circuit. Every year BUP Global Affairs Council manages to make the world in awe of several phenomenally talented participants. BUP Global Affairs Council is best known for its unparalleled conviviality for being devoted in presenting an enthralling conference experience in all the premises of the Bangladesh University of Professionals. Keeping with the same trends, this year BUP Global Affairs Council is back with a conference greater than before – introducing “BUP International Model United Nations Conference 2019”, the fourth edition of their flagship event.

Bringing the theme of “Combating post humanitarian crisis and ensuring sustainable initiative for repatriation”, the theme speaks vividly to the Bangladeshi nation in the most because of its significance in facing the recent Rohingya crisis. Hence in order to be a part of this astounding experience, BUP Global Affairs Council invites all the enthusiastic diplomatic minds from all over the country and abroad to be a part of this expedition which aims to be the podium for all those voices waiting to be heard to establish world peace.

As always, the vision of BUPIMUN 2019 is to encourage the participants to be the contributors for global peace and help them to bloom into future diplomats. The committee sessions are designed in such a scrutinized manner that it helps each delegate get a true feeling of representing a country in the global stage and to fight effectively for solving a crucial problem.

In addition, BUP Global Affairs Council is introducing the committee of “International Court of Justice” which will take place in an official moot court room alongside the Committee of United Nations News Agency. Thereby, the delegates get the opportunity to work in the decorated Media Broadcasting Centre of BUP and gather the experience of what it feels to be a real broadcaster, which no other MUN conferences of the country possess.

What else is very enticing about this year’s event is the introduction of Integrated MUN conference format in BUPIMUN 2019. For the first time in the history of MUNs, Bangladesh is seeing a new revolutionary format where delegates from all the different committees having the same country will coordinate together and maintain their country policies.  Hence, it helps each delegate to enrich their country-related knowledge and foreign policies.

Being the great combat of graceful negotiations with optimum academics and utmost discipline has always been the prime concern of BUP Global Affairs Council and with the motive of breaking the expectations.  Thus, we hope that their objectives of discovering the future leaders of the world will be established and BUPIMUN will provide an experience that never be forgotten!